Research has proven that successful treatment of cancer depends on two factors: in-depth knowledge of the mutations that cause cancer to develop and identification of therapies that take into account the full spectrum of mutations in the cancer and target the most important ones.

Up until recently it has not been technically feasible or affordable to generate detailed knowledge of all the mutations in each patient’s cancer. But recent advances in genomic sequencing technology and two groundbreaking discoveries have enabled the BC Cancer Agency to embark on a bold new initiative to customize treatment for each and every breast cancer patient in British Columbia - they are on the cusp of a cure. 

The Breast Cancer Research Initative

The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to funding the Breast Cancer Research Initiative to genomically sequence every single breast cancer patient’s tumour at the time of diagnosis, province-wide.

The result: personalized strategies for patients with each of the ten unique breast cancer sub-types, based on the genomic structure of their disease; more effective treatment protocols from the start of each patient’s cancer journey; more and more patients hearing the word “cure.”

To learn more or to support Rare and Hard-to-Treat Breast Cancers, contact:

Jan New
Associate Vice President, Principal Gifts