Cause-related marketing is an effective way for companies to promote their support of the BC Cancer Foundation. The BC Cancer Foundation is open to evaluating new cause marketing programs that meet the following criteria.


  1. Is collaborative and mutually beneficial for your organization and BC Cancer Foundation
  2. Provides the opportunity to generate a positive impact on the BC Cancer Foundation brand and reinforce BC Cancer Foundation values and reputation
  3. Aligns with BC Cancer Foundation’s values and Cause Related Marketing strategy, in order to deliver clearly identifiable synergies
  4. Target a minimum $5,000 annual contribution to BC Cancer Foundation. For more information and program guidelines, please download our current policy (PDF).

How to Apply

  1. Download our Cause Related Marketing Proposal (PDF).
  2. Complete the proposal, outlining the details of your program including:
    • The portion of funds allocated to the Foundation 
    • How funds will be raised (i.e. product sales, ticket sales, service offering, etc.) 
    • The responsibilities of the individuals involved in the sale.
  3. Send completed proposals to the BC Cancer Foundation to or mail to:

BC Cancer Foundation
150 – 686 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 1G1
Attention: Lindsay Abbott

Please note: Completion of the Cause Related Marketing Application does not constitute permission from BC Cancer Foundation to use BC Cancer Foundation’s name, logo or trademarks. Once you receive a letter of approval, you may use BC Cancer Foundation’s name, and trademarks in accordance with the terms of agreement and subject to BC Cancer Foundation review.

4. Once approved, BC Cancer Foundation will send you a letter of approval/authorization and you be asked to sign an agreement.


For more information about cause marketing opportunities, please contact: 

Lindsay Abbott
Senior Development Officer, Sponsorship