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Questions of medicine and science formed half way ‘round the world

My path to a career in science and medicine was convoluted, but not without direction. I grew up in east Africa on an island in the Indian Ocean. Both my maternal grandparents died at very young ages of undiagnosed conditions. While the setting was idyllic, the reason for my grandparents’ deaths, or rather the lack of a reason bothered me.

This great gap in understanding—the causes of...

Philanthropy and Breast Cancer Research

Right now, technology is giving us a more refined, clear understanding of cancer at a genomic level. We’ve discovered that breast cancers can have great variability, even within a single patient, and this information is crucial to new therapies.

One area my colleagues and I have been focused on is patients who typically receive chemotherapy before surgery. By performing biopsies and...

Introducing April Guest Blogger Dr. Scott Tyldesley

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you to Dr. Brad Nelson for providing an inside look at the work being done to advance immunotherapy research at Victoria’s Deeley Research Centre. Immunotherapy is a truly exciting frontier and philanthropy is helping to propel this project forward for the benefit of patients across the province.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Bust a Move for Breast Cancer Research at the BC Cancer Agency

Hi everyone,

I want to start by thanking our most recent guest blogger Dr. Juanita Crook. As you read in Dr. Crook’s fascinating posts, HDR brachytherapy is changing the cancer landscape in our province. We are fortunate to have such a high level of expertise and leadership at the BC Cancer Agency as this program continues to grow.

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer...

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