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Using Genetically Engineered Viruses to Enhance Immunity

Hello, my name is Kwame Twumasi-Boateng and it is my pleasure to wrap up a month of blogging with my immunotherapy colleagues at the BC Cancer Agency!

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow working at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC) – a position I started in January 2013.

During graduate school, I studied molecular details of aging and immunity in tiny worms. At the conclusion of...

$4.2 Million Raised by BC Cancer Foundation Donors to Launch Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hello everyone, I’d like to briefly interrupt our October bloggers to share some very exciting news!

Last night, BC Cancer Foundation donors came together at the 11th annual Inspiration Gala and it was announced that $4.2 million had been raised to launch immunotherapy clinical trials at the BC Cancer Agency.


Providing Vital Infrastructure for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hello, my name is Siao Yong and I am the laboratory coordinator at the Deeley Research Centre. I’ve been with the DRC since 2005, beginning as a researcher and then moving to the administrative team in 2007.

I first became interested in cancer research while seeing coverage of an Ebola outbreak and knew that I wanted to work with infectious diseases. I was lucky enough to work in a...

Inside the Histology Lab with Katy Milne

Hello, I’m Katy Milne and I am a Research Assistant at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC). I started working here in 2003 when the DRC was just starting up – things have really changed over the past 12 years!

Like most, I have known too many people with cancer. Because I’ve always found the human body fascinating, immunotherapy was a perfect fit for me - I think of it as our way of giving...

How Philanthropy Fuels Cancer Research

BC Cancer Foundation donors have been vital in establishing my research lab and the projects that my group currently has underway. 

When I was reaching the end of my postdoctoral fellowship and looking for job opportunities as an independent investigator, I didn’t think that coming back to B.C. would be a possibility. Although I had a very novel skill set and research platform, I was...

Creating a Lab for Lung Cancer Research

I started in May of 2014 as a Scientist in the Department of Integrative Oncology at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre. As opposed to my previous training positions, this role is fully independent, which means it involved setting up my own laboratory with graduate students and other trainees that conduct research under my supervision.

Although it was quite a daunting process to get...

From Student to Scientist

Back when I was a student, Dr. Wan Lam had a new group that was pioneering a cutting-edge technology to enable the first comprehensive assessment of the genetic alterations that drive cancer development. Soon, I was spending my nights and weekends at the lab and after finishing my undergraduate degree, I started my PhD with Wan as my supervisor.


Farewell from Douglas Nelson, President & CEO

This past weekend, 2,087 cyclists joined us on the seventh annual Ride to Conquer Cancer, raising an incredible $8.4 million for cancer research and enhancements to care at the BC Cancer Agency. The Ride is a true example of the power British Columbians have to change the way the world thinks about cancer – thank you to all our participants and supporters for your incredible...

How B.C. Donors Support Cancer Research and Improvements to Care: Part II

In addition to supporting our early detection research efforts, BC Cancer Foundation donors have also supported summer student internships and clinical software.

Student Internships

Student internships are opportunities for university students to gain hands-on experience in cancer research.Our Early Detection Research Group has been fortunate to secure a...


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