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Distinguished Scientist and Head, Cancer Genetics, Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency

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Philanthropy and Research: More Important Now than Ever

Hello Readers - this week I will tell you about how research labs work, how we obtain funds and how donors are increasingly important to what we do. Most research labs at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre are a lot like small businesses. Each Principal Investigator defines research goals and raises funds, mainly by writing grants to compete for federal and other external funding. Each grant proposal describes an idea and the experiments to test that idea. Grants are reviewed by panels of experts, who discuss and debate their merits before selecting the top-ranked applications for funding...

Studying the Genetic Factors of Lymphoid Cancer in Families

Hello again. This week I’ll tell you what it’s like to be a Principal Investigator at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre. I have a research lab at the Genome Sciences Centre (GSC), which is one of the research departments at the BC Cancer Agency. There are over 60 senior research scientists at the research centre, and nine of us are at the GSC. The GSC specializes in research on genomes and genes. We are an unusual department because we have two parts: a world class genome sequencing ‘factory’ and a collection of research labs, each led by a Principal Investigator. My work is focused on...

Dr. Angie Brooks-Wilson: Building a Career from a Lifelong Curiosity about Science

Hi, I’m Angie Brooks-Wilson, and I lead a research laboratory within the Genome Sciences Centre at the BC Cancer Agency. I’m the only scientist in my family and have followed my curiosity since childhood, when I would find interesting plants, seeds and rocks, hunt for garden snakes and compare the patterns on their backs, and lie outside on our sun deck with binoculars looking for the seas on the moon. At the age of 12 I read an article about DNA in a National Geographic magazine, and decided that that was what I would work on. I have to thank my Dad for having that National Geographic...