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How I explain my job to my kids: Dragons Are Everywhere

Cancer is a modern day dragon, fully grown to the size of large buildings, complete with flames and magic. Freeing the world of dragons is no easy feat, even with swords, magic spells or weapons. Bombs might work, but they could harm others. If we search for the young dragons, they can be destroyed more easily. The most ideal solution is to simply catch the dragon eggs, where a single action can stop it from hatching. While large dragons are easy to find but hard to kill, young dragons can hide extremely well and eggs, well they can hide almost anywhere. Focusing on hunting dragon eggs is the...

From start to finish: It’s a Team Effort

To take an idea from discovery into the clinic, it takes a large team of researchers and scientists from many disciplines and areas of specialization, clinicians, surgeons, businessmen and advisors. It is truly gratifying to see your work used in clinical practice, but it takes real commitment and belief in a project to sustain the level of effort needed to make it – anywhere between 5 – 10 years of research are required. A good example of this is the team I am fortunate to be part of. We are using light as an early cancer detection mechanism to screen oral tissue. The process began with...

Meet Dr. MacAulay, enthusiastic skier turned research scientist!

Hello, my name is Calum MacAulay and I am a Research Scientist in the Integrative Oncology department at the BC Cancer Agency. The majority of my time is spent doing research, and I am especially motivated in knowing it will make a difference in the patient care and clinical side. I have been fortunate to have great teachers growing up, which shaped my thinking early on. Starting with my Mother, who taught me to read from her astronomy textbooks, and I was encouraged in elementary school to share my father’s work in pathology. Growing up with four active boys in the house, something was...