Dr. Malcom Moore, President BC Cancer
Dr. Malcolm Moore
President, BC Cancer

Malcolm J. Moore, MD is the President of  the BC Cancer. Prior to joining BC Cancer, Dr. Moore was the Daniel E. Bergsagel Professor of Medical Oncology and the Head of Medical Oncology and Hematology at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. He was a professor of medicine and pharmacology at the University of Toronto. He did his medical training at the University of Western Ontario and his Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology training at the University of Toronto.

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Cancer research continues to reveal exciting advances

Cancer is a complex disease, and so cancer research is by necessity multifaceted and involves lots of collaboration. We are fortunate in B.C. to have strong research programs. We do need to pay attention to research and programs in health promotion, cancer prevention, and early detection through screening as these can have profound effects on our overall goal of reducing the burden and death from cancer. Expanding treatment options In the area of biomedical and clinical research, two approaches—cancer genomics and immunotherapy—have seen extraordinary progress and excitement in the past few...

Philanthropy and Research: Together, we are seeing positive results

The BC Cancer Agency has a mandate to provide and coordinate cancer care in B.C., ensuring patients receive high quality care that is accessible and available to all. We also have a strong research mission as part of our mandate, and aspire to be seen nationally and internationally as a leader in cancer care and research. Practically, this means ensuring that the patients today receive the best care possible, and that we work towards improving care and treatment in the future. This drives our research mission and motivates everyone who works at the Agency. To ensure that we can meet our own...

Inspired by the passion

The first few months since joining the BC Cancer Agency have flown by. I am enjoying my new role—every day is different and presents new challenges. I have travelled to all six of our centres and meeting so many of our staff, who are passionate about making the system better, has been the most inspiring part of my job. I also spend a fair amount of time working with the BC Cancer Foundation to support their critical role in raising funds for the BC Cancer Agency. I’ve been asked a few times what my biggest learnings have been in the new role. It’s an interesting question. The first would be...

Sometimes the best things aren’t planned

It might come as a surprise, but I never really considered a career in medicine until my third year of university. I wanted to be an accountant, but it all changed when I developed mono and had to visit a number of doctors. It was during one of the visits that I realized that a career helping people who were unwell would be challenging and rewarding, so I switched from accounting and applied to medical school. Even then, I never imagined cancer to be my focus. At medical school, there was very little exposure to Oncology in the curriculum. My main interests at the time were Cardiology and...