FGPC Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series

May 7 - August 27, 2023

We can all win with FGPC’s ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’ for BC Cancer!

Competitors, supporters and donors who want to aid in the fight against cancer and help teams go for gold at a new series of Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Races can now do both!

By donating to the BC Cancer Foundation through the Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series’ ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’, teams can “add speed” by shaving off one-second from their total time in special championship heats for every $1,000 raised.

Hosted by Victoria’s Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, the new 2023 Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series features three regattas in Victoria and Nanaimo. Visit the donation page or https://www.fgpaddle.com/races/fgpc-db-races/ for more info!