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medical director of the provincial pain and symptom management/palliative care program, BC Cancer

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How can cannabis improve patient quality of life?

Dr. Pippa Hawley. As I mentioned last week, our previous study has shown that cannabis use during cancer treatment is widespread, either as a symptom management tool or as a treatment tool, despite there being little to no scientific evidence to support the latter. Given its prevalence, we’d like to ensure patients are using cannabis-based products in the best ways possible, to reduce potential harm while also helping maximize the intended effect of alleviating symptoms and enhancing quality of life. We hope to gain a better understanding of how cannabis can aid treatment-related symptoms...

What we need to do to enhance patient quality of life in British Columbia

There is a lot of work to do if we are to further develop a pain and symptom management and palliative care program at BC Cancer that addresses the full scope of patient needs, but with ongoing research and support, we are well on our way. In order to design such a program we need to have a full understanding of all the sources of potential suffering a patient may face. Most people can receive adequate pain management fairly easily with available interventions, but there are some people who have what we call “tricky” pain – pain that doesn’t respond to typical interventions. Opportunities to...

Why we need to enhance quality of life for cancer patients in BC

Hello, My name is Pippa Hawley and I’m the medical director of the provincial pain and symptom management/palliative care program at BC Cancer, where I’ve been since 1997. I’m looking forward to connecting with you more over the coming weeks on the importance of raising the quality of life for those facing cancer. It’s an often overlooked need in the grand landscape of cancer research, but one we’re committed to addressing through our program at BC Cancer. Some of our more recent research has focused on exploring cannabis as an effective pain management tool for cancer, further bolstered by...