2020 Virtual Inspiration Gala LIVE STREAM FAQS

It’s after 6:45 PM and I can’t see the live stream, what do I do?
Try refreshing your browser window or hovering over the live stream and click the play button.

I am watching the live stream but cannot hear anything. How do I get sound?

Hover your mouse over the live stream and on the bottom right there five bars beside the gear icon. Click on the tallest bar for maximum volume. If this does not work, there may be an issue with the sound on your computer.

Which browser do you recommend for viewing the live stream?
We recommend Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.

Can I make the screen larger?

Yes, hover over the live stream on the bottom right corner; you will see arrows pointing outwards. Click on the arrows and it will take you to full screen. We also recommend watching the live stream on your TV. This can be done by connecting your laptop to a TV with an HDMI cable, connecting through AirPlay or another casting device. If you have a Smart TV, you will be able to enter the URL into the web browser.

How do I watch the event and bid on auction items at the same time?

We recommend watching the live stream either on your TV or full screen on your laptop. Use another device, like your phone or a tablet, to bid on auction items and donate at www.inspirationgalaauction.ca

How do I bid on the live auction packages?

The bidding for the live auction will open around 8:00 PM on November 7th (ensure you are watching the live stream as the timing may change slightly). Once the auctioneer calls for bids, the live auction will be open. Please ensure you have registered on Givergy prior to the start of the live auction.

To place your bid:

  1. Visit www.inspirationgalaauction.ca  (sign in or register)
  2. Go to the Live Auction tab
  3. Click on the item you would like to bid on.
  4. Enter your bid amount into the field at the bottom of the page and click ‘Place Bid’
  5. Follow announced bidding levels during the auction or bid on any item until auction is officially closed.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties! Is there someone that can help?
Message us in the chat on the live stream website or call us at 604-707-5929 on November 7th.

Where can I donate?
We recommend using your phone or another device to bid on auction items and to donate. Visit www.inspirationgalaauction.ca to donate. If you would prefer to donate over the phone, please call us at 604-675-8191.

When I log on, I receive a message saying the site is not secure. What do I do?

This is likely because you have a firewall on your device restricting access to certain websites. This may happen if you are watching from a work device or network. Try logging on to watch from a different device or, if you can, use a different server.

The live stream is not clear, is there anything I can do?

Hover over the live stream and click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner. A list of quality options will pop up, click on the largest number. If this does not work, it may be your internet connection. We recommend connecting to your internet with an Ethernet cable. 

Is there a hashtag for the event? What are your social media handles so I can tag you?
Use the hashtag #InspirationGala on your social media channels to join in on the conversation. Tag us @BCCancerFDN on Instagram as we will be sharing some of our favourite posts throughout the night.