This is the year.

This is the year we will break down women’s cancers.

This year, 3,975 women in B.C. will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

This year, 1,570 women in B.C. will be diagnosed with gynecologic cancer, including ovarian, uterine and cervical.

While many breast cancers are curable, rare and hard-to-treat subtypes can be deadly, particularly for younger women.

Currently, there are no effective treatments for most gynecologic cancers.

BC CAN change this.

The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to changing the outcome for the 5,545 British Columbians who will be diagnosed with a women’s cancer in 2020.

We believe BC CAN because we already are:

  • With donor support, BC Cancer was the first to break down the DNA of breast cancer, leading to a new understanding of the disease and how to treat it.
  • BC Cancer researchers were the first to discover and implement a method to prevent ovarian cancer. This method has since been adopted by cancer centres around the world.

Today, BC Cancer is leading the charge to cure more women’s cancers through innovative therapies and precision medicine.

As cancer continues to evolve, now is our time to act.

A significant investment is needed right now to find solutions for women’s cancers.  
We are on the cusp of more cures for women in B.C. and we invite you to join us and show your support through the 2020 Inspiration Gala presented by BMO.

Together, BC CAN change the story for women across the province, and we will.

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