Our Vision: The Pancreatic Cancer Rapid Access Clinic

For people facing pancreatic cancer, time is precious. Every day, BC Cancer’s team of experts races against the clock to confirm patient diagnoses and decide on the best course of treatment, but for most people it’s not happening fast enough.

Patients often need to be seen by several specialists and there can be significant delays in arranging these appointments and subsequent tests. During this time, the cancer can progress.

Our vision is to create a rapid access clinic at BC Cancer, where:
• specialist consults are consolidated into a single visit on a single day;
• testing is expedited;
• cutting edge genetic profiling is performed at the time of diagnosis, leading to tailored therapies for each individual patient.
• the clinical research team can discuss potential experimental treatment options

Not only will this clinic significantly minimize stress for patients and families, it will dramatically reduce the time elapsed between diagnosis and the start of treatment.

By relieving some of their greatest anxieties, we can help patients cope better. By managing their care more efficiently, we can help give them their best chance for survival.

We invite you to join us in launching the Pancreatic Cancer Rapid Access Clinic at the 2019 Hope Couture. Welcome to the future of pancreatic cancer care.

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