Help bring a cutting-edge new PET/CT scanner to BC Cancer

Right now, BC Cancer Vancouver urgently requires a new PET/CT scanner to better meet patient demand and to continue delivering world-class care.  For those facing cancer today, swift access to the best diagnostic technology is potentially life-saving. Treatment is difficult, and can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty for patients and families. PET/CT is proven as the most effective tool for obtaining a complete picture of a patient’s cancer, with an ability to detect cancer cells at an early stage – even before a tumour has formed.

Currently, the BC Cancer Vancouver Centre operates two PET/CT scanners that serve thousands of people undergoing cancer treatment each year in our province. We have the opportunity to bring a cutting-edge new PET/CT scanner to replace one at the end of its life-span, allowing our doctors to deliver more sophisticated, accurate and adaptable technology to benefit patients. 

Today’s cutting-edge PET/CT scanners have far-reaching capabilities, including:

  • outstanding  image resolution to capture even the smallest cancer cells
  • up to two times improvement in accuracy and image quality
  • three times faster speed, meaning greater efficiency and patient safety

With your help to raise $1 million, B.C. can bring the most advanced technology to cancer patients. Your generous support will contribute to the health of British Columbians and bring new hope to families affected by cancer.