The time to act is now.

This year, 3,790 people in B.C. will be diagnosed with lung cancer. Only 1,290 will survive.

Each year, lung cancer kills as many British Columbians as breast, prostate and colorectal cancers combined. Six people die of lung cancer in B.C. each day.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in Canada and worldwide.

Too many patients are diagnosed too late.

BC CAN change this.

BC Cancer experts have solutions for lung cancer that will save lives. With their expertise, BC CAN detect lung cancer at an early stage, while it is still curable.

The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to changing the outcome for British Columbians with lung cancer, and early detection is the answer.

Screening is proven to help:

  • diagnose lung cancers earlier,
  • identify patients for curative treatment,
  • decrease symptoms, and
  • reduce lung cancer mortality by up to 20%.

Right now, BC Cancer’s top priority is to establish a population-wide, provincial Lung Screening Program for healthy adults, age 55-74. 

The screening program will take into consideration such risk factors as smoking exposure, gender, ethnicity and family history.

Screening will take place in hospitals and BC Cancer centres across the province, using existing imaging technology.

Now is our time to act.

Together, we can catch lung cancer earlier.

Together, BC CAN improve outcomes.

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