Surface-guided Radiation Therapy

Surface-Guided Radiation Therapy

Each year, 27,000 new cases of cancer are being diagnosed in British Columbia and approximately 10,000 people will undergo radiation therapy at BC Cancer.

Radiation therapy uses high energy beams to kill cancer cells and stop them from growing and reproducing. This procedure requires a high degree of accuracy.

At the moment, to ensure accuracy in delivering radiation therapy to patients, small marks are tattooed on the patient’s skin to pinpoint the treatment area. Although the tattoos are small, applying them can be painful and the process is permanent.

Children who are especially “wiggly” undergo sedation to prevent movement; sedation comes with side effects and the long procedure requires the expertise of specialized pediatric anesthesia.

A real-time optical surface monitoring system is urgently needed to enable guided tracking for radiation therapy at BC Cancer – Vancouver, resulting in:

  • More accurate treatment delivery

  • Improved patient comfort and safety

  • Reduced number of treatment times

Real-time optical surface monitoring may eliminate the need for:

  • Immobilization devices which will keep patients still during treatment

  • Permanent tattoos which mark the radiation targets on patients’ skin

  • Patient sedation



此種輻射治療法,是用高能度射線去殺死癌細胞, 並可阻止其繼續生長和繁殖。此治療法的過程,是需要高度的準確性,才能達到其效果,给與患癌者可獲重生的機會。



現今卑詩省迫切地需要一個實時光學表面監測系統,讓BC Cancer之温哥華癌症治療中心,可以進行放射治療的引導跟踪,從而提供