Fundraising is easy and is made even easier by using some of the great online tools available on the BC Cancer Foundation website.

There is an old saying that "people give to people," and it's true.  Successful fundraising depends on your dedication and commitment to helping raise funds for others and on the degree that you personalize your fundraising communications.  

Cancer is something that touches everyone and although people know that their donations will help with discoveries that will provide new hope for cancer patients everywhere, your friends, family and co-workers are making donations because you are asking.

Tips to maximize your fundraising

  • Make a donation to yourself. People are encouraged to see that you are not only asking but that you are also giving.
  • Load up your address book. No doubt you have email addresses of hundreds of contacts. Think of your co-workers, friends and family, team or club members, other business or personal associates including customers and suppliers, online discussion groups, your doctor, dentist, lawyer and accountant.  Don't assume that any of these people won't  support you; cancer touches many people’s lives.
  • Ask for support – Don't be shy!  Raising funds over the internet is easier than you may think.  If you have a hard time asking, this makes it easy.
  • Make it personal. Do you have a personal story you can include? Use it. Put it on your personal page and invite people to visit and read more or see a photo.
  • Send a follow-up email. Email can easily be overlooked, so it is wise to send a follow-up email allowing a week between emails to those who have not responsed.  And try to add some new information in each email that is sent.
  • Give thanks. Be sure to say "thank you" to all supporters. The more you can personalize this the better. Let your donors know what role they played in the big picture.  When the event is complete, let them know how much was raised!
  • Keep people in the loop. Even after you have stopped making requests for support, keep those who have supported you, and even those who have not responded with a donation, in the loop.  Keep them on your email list and send them progress updates and any announcements regarding achievements or event results.  

Good luck in your fundraising to support research and care at BC Cancer.