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Radiologist/Nuclear Medicine Physician, BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre

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Interpreting PET/CT Images to Offer the Best Cancer Treatment

Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography, or PET/CT, is an imaging method that uses a sophisticated machine to generate images of patients following the injection of very small amounts of a medical isotope. As a Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine physician in the Functional Imaging Department at BC Cancer, my primary role is to interpret the PET/CT images obtained on one of the two scanners at the Vancouver Centre and then generate a report for the referring physician. In addition to looking at the images produced on the day, I review all the relevant previous imaging as well as...

Dr. Pete Tonseth: A Passion for Radiology

Hello, my name is Dr. Pete Tonseth and I’m very pleased to be sharing a bit about myself on the BC Cancer Foundation blog this month! I was born in Norway and moved often in my early years, living in Denmark, California and Washington before starting school in a small town in Norway. My family and I then moved to Ontario for a year before moving to Sidney in 1970, where we settled and I completed my elementary and secondary education. I was fortunate to have great teachers who were enthusiastic about what they taught. I think I was drawn to science since my father was a fiberglass engineer,...