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Donors fuel the innovation that save lives. And, in many cases, it starts with a conversation with an advisor.

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Legal Name: BC Cancer Foundation

Registration Number: 11881 8434 RR0001

From the patient receiving a diagnosis, to the researcher on the cusp of the next breakthrough, cancer is a disease that propels us to action. We are extremely grateful for the generous support of our donors and the advisors who help them realize those wishes.

You help fund critical advancements in cancer research and care at BC Cancer, that are saving the lives of British Columbians.  Please let us know if you would like to receive additional information.

Legacy Gifts: The Empowerment of Planning

We are at a critical turning point in cancer care and research. Demand for cancer services in B.C. is expected to rise by 60% over the next decade.  At the same time, more is possible right now than in the history of cancer care.  Our researchers need to know their studies will continue to be funded for as long as it takes to develop tomorrow’s cures.

Your expertise helps our donors maximize the impact of their gift. The BC Cancer Foundation has provided the following resources to help simplify the donation process for our donors and their advisors:

Thanking our donors is important to us.  It is our privilege to celebrate your client’s commitment to cancer research and care for patients in British Columbia. If your client wishes to be recognized as one of our legacy partners, please contact us.