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Tapping into VERO's full potential

One of the most exciting aspects about VERO is how it will improve patient treatments well into the future. Indeed, part of the reason why we selected technology like VERO at BC Cancer was that we saw its future developmental potential. We are just at the beginning stages of using VERO’s full potential. As time goes on, we will be rolling out increasingly sophisticated treatment techniques and that is what makes it so exciting to work with. Every patient who undergoes treatment on the VERO is part of our ethics-approved research protocol where we analyze the many ways in which the technology...

VERO: a game-changer in cancer treatment

The VERO machine, now installed at BC Cancer, is the most advanced stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) system available in the world. SBRT involves delivering multiple beams of radiation from outside the body in a concentrated (high dose) manner from various directions, effectively targeting a tumour from every possible angle. It’s a highly effective form of treatment for those who have cancers that are hard to address through surgery, such as head and neck cancers, or in cases where a patient’s cancer is surrounded by healthy tissue that can be easily injured with conventional...

My journey to radiation oncology at BC Cancer

My name is Dr. Roy Ma and I work as a radiation oncologist here at BC Cancer. It is a pleasure to be your guest blogger this month. I’ll be blogging about my work with VERO – the most technologically advanced radiotherapy delivery system that is now installed at BC Cancer. It’s an incredible feat made possible thanks to the generosity of donors to the BC Cancer Foundation. First, I’d like to introduce myself and share with you my journey to the BC Cancer Agency. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver when I was eleven. I went to high school here and then went on to UBC for both...