PET/CT delivers precise imaging technology that provides doctors with the information necessary to offer the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The use of PET/CT means a single, highly-effective test for the patient, which can save them from unnecessary radiation treatment, surgery, additional imaging tests and biopsies.

PET/CT in B.C.

Right now in B.C., there are two publicly funded PET/CT scanners, both located at BC Cancer's Vancouver Centre. And while the province has been extremely efficient in the use of these two scanners, they are unable to meet current demand. 

That’s why the BC Cancer Foundation has launched a $10 million fundraising campaign for the purchase and installation of two new state-of-the-art PET/CT scanners, one to be located in Kelowna at the BC Cancer Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior and the other in Victoria at the BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre.

The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to bringing this critical care tool closer to home for thousands of patients. No longer will residents of Vancouver Island and the Okanagan be burdened by having to travel to Vancouver for this important aspect of their cancer care. This will make a major impact on the lives of cancer patients not only in these regions, but across the province.

Bringing PET/CT to Victoria 

The need for PET/CT technology on Vancouver Island is urgent and growing. This year nearly 1,500 Vancouver Islanders will require a PET/CT scan in Vancouver. This represents a 147% increase in the number of scans performed just five years previous. Many patients that require the scan may be too sick or don’t have the support network to get to the Lower Mainland for an appointment.


You can help bring PET/CT to Kelowna

With increasing demand, the need for PET/CT technology in the Southern Interior has never been clearer. This year, clsose to 1,000 patients from the Southern Interior will have to travel to Vancouver for a PET/CT scan. This represents close to a 200% increase in the number of scans performed compared to just five years previous.


To learn more, and to help support PET/CT on the Island, please contact:

Cynthia Durand-Smith
Director, Development
Toll Free 1.866.519.5550

To learn more, and to help support PET/CT in Kelowna, please contact:

Cynthia Waldek-Peters
Director, Development
Toll Free 1.866.230.9988

Donor Investment is Key to Better Outcomes

The generosity of our donors allows the innovative clinical and scientific minds at BC Cancer to reach new heights of achievement. As we strive for a world free from cancer, now is the time to double our capacity for leading-edge PET/CT technology. With your investment, we will dramatically improve the lives of cancer patients.


Thrifty Foods is a longtime supporter of the BC Cancer Foundation and BC Cancer and, inspired by the research taking place in the communities it serves, has helped us take a significant step towards bringing PET/CT to Vancouver Island. You can read more about the announcement on the Thrifty Foods website.


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