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Pioneering path in lung cancer research

I grew up in Hong Kong, and came to Canada when I was 17 to do my undergrad and medical school education at the University of Toronto. After graduation, I came to Vancouver to do my residency training in Internal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine at UBC and then post-fellowship training at the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston and the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo. I met my...

Introducing October Guest Blogger: Dr. Stephen Lam

I am delighted to introduce Dr. Stephen Lam as this month’s guest blogger.

Dr. Lam is the chair of the Provincial Lung Tumour Group, and directs the MDS-Rix Early Lung Cancer Detection and Translational Research Program at the BC Cancer Agency. His research interest is in early detection, chemoprevention and endoscopic therapy of lung cancer.

He has received numerous awards for...

Investing in people's lives

Philanthropy and research is truly a partnership. We can have a lab full of talented and passionate researchers, but if we don’t have the dollars to fund the research, then the leading-edge discoveries that the BC Cancer Agency has become renowned for wouldn’t happen. There are lots of examples, but I will highlight one—OVCARE—BC’s Ovarian Cancer Research Program.


It's about the people for foundation president

I am very pleased to be this month’s guest blogger. I joined the BC Cancer Foundation as its new President and CEO in mid-April and since then I have been so inspired by the many incredible donors who support the BC Cancer Agency’s brilliant and compassionate team of physicians and scientists.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a bit about me. I grew up in New Jersey – yes, I...

Leaning on Darwin’s thinking

In previous posts I wrote about matching treatment to the patient’s tumour. Currently, we choose treatments primarily based on what the lymphoma looks like down the microscope.

At this time, we treat all patients who have diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, the most common form of lymphoma, with one chemotherapy recipe called R-CHOP. This works quite well, curing about 60 percent of...

How donors are accelerating scientific discovery

The other day I spent time with some BC Cancer Foundation donors, talking about lymphoma research and taking them on a tour of the lab. Later, I reflected on the role that philanthropy plays in supporting cancer research in general and my research specifically.

During our discussion, I was asked a number of great questions, and all had the same theme—recent innovations in technology or...

From Lab to Bedside

Hello again. In my last post, I told you a little about my background and how I came to be at the BC Cancer Agency. The journey from graduating medical school to becoming a Clinician-Scientist involved over a decade of training, gaining the skills and experience to both care for patients and perform research.

The role I now have at the BC Cancer Agency, in the Centre for Lymphoid...

Personal Experience Motivates this Doctor

As a Clinician-Scientist at the BC Cancer Agency, I spend part of my time looking after patients with lymphoma and part of my time doing lymphoma research.

I grew up in a small rural community south of Auckland, New Zealand – the youngest of six children. From a young age, I was exposed to the challenges of medicine, as my father was a doctor, mainly looking after people with diabetes...

Come Together

Waiting for the elevators at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre, I see the plaque commemorating the Jambor-McCarthy gift to the BC Cancer Foundation. It includes their family motto: work hard, live well, give back. I’ve adopted this for my own mission statement, and try to exemplify these in my work at the BC Cancer Agency.  

Every day, I work hard to provide...

A long and winding road

Like most people, I’m sure; I had no idea when I finished school what I would be doing today. I’ve been fortunate to find opportunities to learn and contribute to science and research for many years now.

When I came to Vancouver from Winnipeg in 1990, I worked for nearly 10 years in the field of environmental assessment, before moving into research, specifically the field of genomics....


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