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Reflections on Today and Tomorrow

As part of the GI Cancer outcomes unit, the research we do ensures that new therapies are achieving the benefits in a cost effective manner.  We can also use this data to link to our various pathology tumor banks to explore new areas of understanding of the causes of certain cancers in the hopes of developing new therapies and methods of detection.

Our clinical trials units have...

Spirit of Giving

As this is the week leading up to Christmas, I would like to wish everyone all the very best over the holiday season. Each year working at the BC Cancer Agency has been a new adventure and I am grateful to work here. Every person who is treated at the Agency has the opportunity to exceed their potential and it is a privilege to experience this every day.

It’s also the perfect time of...

Dr. Howard Lim: Mad-Scientist kid turned cancer researcher

Thanks to the BC Cancer Foundation for inviting me to be a guest blogger!  I am a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre, specializing in gastrointestinal cancer. I look forward to posting over the holiday season.

I grew up in Vancouver, and my interest in science started when I was in elementary school, mainly due to trips to the library where I read books on do-it...

Introducing December Guest Blogger: Dr. Howard Lim

Thank you to our November guest bloggers, Dr. Robert Holt and the immunogenomics team, for sharing how their exciting work with DNA analysis is helping to make immunotherapy-based treatments most effective.

This month, we’re pleased to welcome Dr. Howard Lim, a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Lim’s research focuses on uncovering new...

Govinda Sharma: Inspired by BC Cancer Foundation Donors

Hi readers, my name is Govinda Sharma and I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Rob Holt’s lab at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre in Vancouver. I’m very excited for this opportunity to share a little bit about myself and my thesis work in this week’s post.

Prior to starting graduate research at the BC Cancer Agency, I spent time working in various scientific fields ranging from medicinal...

Dr. Anna Tinker: Enrolling Patients in Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hello, I’m Dr. Anna Tinker and like Dr. Nelson, I’m happy to be returning to the BC Cancer Foundation blog this month, to share with you our plans for upcoming immunotherapy clinical trials.

As a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency, I’ll be working closely with the DRC team and also with patients, to enroll those eligible and willing to take part in a phase I immunotherapy trial...

Understanding the Experiences of Oral Cancer Patients

This year, in addition to tackling yet-to-be-solved problems through research, we commenced the Patient Support Initiative (PSI). Understanding the experiences of oral cancer patients and their caregivers is key to making recommendations for a change in standard management or policy in the health care system. We expect PSI to play multiple roles:

  1. To encourage...

Philanthropy, Research and the Ride to Conquer Cancer

BC Cancer Foundation donors have helped me build a strong foundation for oral cancer research. The hallmark of my research is the COOLS trial, a surgical study using a blue-light device invented at the BC Cancer Agency to better outline the surgical margins for patients receiving surgery.

This is a pan-Canadian study involving oral cancer patients, head and neck surgeons, and...

Understanding Oral Cancer

In my last post, I shared how I came from Taiwan to British Columbia to study oral cancer, but my training didn’t stop after I completed my PhD.

To better understand oral cancer, I completed a three-year oral pathology residency under the direction of Dr. Robert Priddy. Through this training, I came to understand more of the clinical aspect of this disease. After I passed both...


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