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Hello from Dr. Stephen Chia

Hello everyone, my name is Stephen Chia, and I am a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver.

I was born in Toronto. My parents moved to Vancouver when I was five years old and I grew up on the east side of the city. I attended the University of British Columbia for my undergraduate degree, grad school and post-graduate training.

When I was studying internal...

The time to support cancer research is now

Thank you for reading my posts thus far. I thought I would close with some thoughts on looking forward.

It is a particularly exciting time for cancer research and there are many reasons for patients to be optimistic that real progress is being made in our understanding of cancer. A major goal of the BC Cancer Agency is to translate research findings into clinical application.


Dr Connors and the Centre for Lymphoid Cancer

Thanks for having me back. I’m happy to share an update with you about what’s been happening here at the BC Cancer Agency’s Centre for Lymphoid Cancer (CLC). But first, I’ll back up a few steps, and introduce myself for those who may be new to the CLC.

By 1981 I had finished my training in Internal Medicine at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and Medical Oncology at...


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