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Introducing April Guest Blogger Dr. Dan Renouf

Many thanks to our March guest blogger, Dr. Stuart Peacock, for giving us a closer look at cancer control research at the BC Cancer Agency and the incredible efforts being made to ensure excellent cancer care for the whole B.C. community.   

I’m very pleased to welcome back Dr. Dan Renouf as our guest blogger for April. Dr. Renouf is a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency and co-...

Dr. Janessa Laskin: Evolution of an Oncologist

Thinking back on how I came to be an oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre it could appear to be a linear course, but to me it always seemed unpredictable.

After a few formative years in Saskatoon, I grew up in B.C. and finished high school in Vancouver. I then travelled east to the vibrant city of Montreal where I attended McGill University. I completed a BSc in Biology...

Translational Research and the Latest Prostate Cancer Discoveries

At the BC Cancer Agency I wear a number of hats: first, I’m a medical oncologist which is a sub-specialist in the drug treatment of cancer. I’m further sub-sub-specialized in that I mainly treat patients with genitourinary (GU) cancers (cancers of the prostate, bladder, testis, kidney and adrenal gland).

I’m also a researcher and study outcomes, biomarkers, and conduct clinical trials...

Cancer Care and Research: A Rewarding Career

My family came to Canada with pretty much nothing in the 1960s from Vietnam during the war there. After stints in Edmonton and Kingston, where I was born, the family settled in Ottawa where I grew up.

From an early age I always had an interest in biology, I suspect from spending a childhood roaming freely outdoors. I must admit though, a career in medicine was not a lifelong dream and I...

Introducing June Guest Blogger Dr. Kim Chi

Thank you to Dr. Peter Watson for a month of fascinating insights from the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre. From biobanking to breast cancer research and immunotherapy, Dr. Watson highlighted the many ways donors are making a difference on the island and beyond.

We’re returning to the mainland for the month of June, with guest blogger Dr. Kim Chi. Dr. Chi is a medical...

An Introduction to Pathology and Biobanking

In my previous post I described how I came to be a pathologist, scientist, and a biobanker. My colleagues have written fascinating posts about their roles on this blog. Many are scientists, some are pathologists and a few are biobankers too, but I don't think they explained the last two roles. So I will fill in that gap today:

Cancer patients meet many people at the BC Cancer Agency who...

Hello from Dr. Hagen Kennecke

Hi! I am one of the Medical Oncologists at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre. When I introduce myself, I tell people that I am a chemotherapy doctor, but that is probably not quite true. Many of the treatments that I give are actually more “targeted” treatments that do not really fit the term chemotherapy anymore. We also call it “systemic therapy”.

I was born in Germany and grew up...

Dr. Anna Tinker: My Background in Cancer Medicine

I’m Dr. Anna Tinker and it is my pleasure to be a contributor on the BC Cancer Foundation blog.

I’ll start off by telling you a little bit about myself: I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. During the course of my education, I wandered between B.C. and Alberta several times. My bachelor’s degree is from the University of British Columbia and my medical degree is from Calgary. I also trained...


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