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Philanthropy Supporting Lung Cancer Research

Much of my research at the BC Cancer Agency would not exist without the philanthropy of our donors. Lung cancer research has traditionally been underfunded in comparison to many other tumour types. We have been incredibly fortunate to be generously supported by the Eleni Skalbania Endowment for Lung Cancer Research which has been instrumental in allowing us to examine the care of lung cancer...

A Glimpse into the Future of Cancer Research and Care

Dear readers - thank you so much for returning to my fourth and final blog post. This week I have an opportunity to reflect on some of the revolutions in cancer treatment that I have personally witnessed over the past two decades and speak a little on what I think our future might look like.

I graduated from medical school in 1993, and started training in radiation oncology that same...

Progress in Cancer Research: The Role of Philanthropy

Welcome back to my third blog post. In my first two installments, I wrote a little about myself, the BC Cancer Agency, and what makes us so unique compared to other cancer hospitals and research organizations.

Because the BC Cancer Agency is a provincial program that provides screening services, cancer treatments and supportive care to everyone in B.C. and the Yukon, we are able to ask...

Dr. Jonn Wu: The Impact of Research at the BC Cancer Agency

Since arriving at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre in 1999, my roles and responsibilities have gradually evolved in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways. My early years at the Agency predictably included lots of teaching with medical students, residents, and fellows visiting from all corners of the globe.

I also had the opportunity to supervise and mentor many of them in...

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