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A Look Inside the Tumour Tissue Repository and Final Thoughts

The BC Cancer Agency’s Tumour Tissue Repository (TTR) is another example of a biobank that owes much of its success to generous donations to the BC Cancer Foundation. The TTR provides support for PREDICT to operate and collect blood samples and focuses on collecting cancer tissue specimens after surgical and medical procedures. The TTR has created a standardized collection of over 4,500 tissue...

Biobanks: Critical to Progress in Cancer Research

This week I would like to talk about biobanks and tell you a little more about how they work.

Biobanks operate by coordinating a process to approach patients to ask them to give their consent to access their tissues and health information. Tissues are removed in the course of medical procedures to diagnose and treat cancer and a portion of these tissues are often left over after...

An Introduction to Pathology and Biobanking

In my previous post I described how I came to be a pathologist, scientist, and a biobanker. My colleagues have written fascinating posts about their roles on this blog. Many are scientists, some are pathologists and a few are biobankers too, but I don't think they explained the last two roles. So I will fill in that gap today:

Cancer patients meet many people at the BC Cancer Agency who...

Introducing May Guest Blogger Dr. Peter Watson

Thank you to Dr. Christian Steidl for sharing the latest groundbreaking research at the BC Cancer Agency’s Centre for Lymphoid Cancer. As Dr. Steidl described, BC Cancer Foundation donors play a vital role in supporting discoveries that lead to improved treatment and care for British Columbians facing lymphoid cancer.

Promising advancements to cancer research and care are also happening...

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