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Donor support sparking new insight into treatment of pancreatic cancer

As a nurse practitioner working at BC Cancer, I have seen the impact of philanthropy on patients' lives first hand. Much of the work that I take part in to advance patient care for those with pancreatic cancer care is made possible by the generosity of donors to the BC Cancer Foundation. The clinical trials that are taking place – some of which are proving to be an effective means of treatment for some patients - wouldn’t exist without their support. Every community gathering and every donation in support of research into this disease sparks new insight into treatments and brings hope to...

Promising treatments in development for pancreatic cancer

Over the past 18 months, tremendous progress has taken place in pancreatic cancer research, particularly in the clinic. BC Cancer is fueling advancements in the understanding and treatment of pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancers affecting Canadians. During this time, we have enrolled patients in a clinical trial which seeks to compare a standard chemotherapy with the same standard chemotherapy along with immunotherapy drugs. Perhaps activating the body’s immune system to detect cancer and mount a response can help slow the growth or cause cancer cells to die. We want to learn if...

Progress underway for pancreatic cancer in British Columbia

Hello – My name is Carolyn Hoeschen, and I’m a nurse practitioner aBC Cancer - Vancouver, with a focus on patients with pancreatic cancer. It is a pleasure to be blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation, to share with you the progress we are making in the clinic to advance care for this disease – one of the deadliest cancers facing British Columbians today. My role as a nurse practitioner allows me to work directly to enhance patient care in collaboration with many health care professionals. This involves assessment of symptoms from their disease or side effects from chemotherapy, prescribing...