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Radiation Oncologist and Clinical Trial Director, BC Cancer Agency

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Why do clinical trials require/deserve funding?

When thinking about what I wanted to write in today’s post, I knew I first wanted to say thank you to George and Margaret Braun and their family for giving generously to the BC Cancer Foundation . Their gift provided substantial funding for the Clinical Trials Unit in Abbotsford that now bears their name. Without the Brauns, there would not be clinical trials in Abbotsford. Period. Along those lines, I should also thank the 20 riders of the Wheel Warriors’ team who raised $50,000 for clinical trials in Abbotsford last year in the Ride to Conquer Cancer . Funding for clinical trials is very...

About Clinical Trials

I wanted to start by speaking a bit about the Clinical Trials Unit at the Abbotsford Centre. “Clinical trials” is a term that encompasses a lot of different research questions and goals. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has a definition ( here it is), but for ease, I think of clinical trials as being any research experiment being conducted on human patients. In our context, these include specific questions such as, “Is chemotherapy X better than chemotherapy Y ?” and peripheral questions such as, “Does herb X reduce nausea better than drug Y ?” or, “Is a PET/CT scan helpful prior to...

Meet Dr. Devin Schellenberg

As Doug explained, I am a radiation oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency’s Fraser Valley and Abbotsford Centres. A radiation oncologist treats cancer mostly by using high energy, extremely focused X-ray beams, though internal radiation (in the form of prostate brachytherapy seeds or gynecologic implants) may also be used. Physicians choose to use radiation, chemotherapy or surgery (or a combination) depending on the type of cancer, its stage (that is, how far the disease has spread) and the wellness of the patient. Radiation is used as treatment for almost all types of cancer though not every...