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Bringing world-leading research into the clinic for patients

When embarking on a new research project, I always ask: what is the benefit to the patient? Understanding the patient perspective provides tremendous insight into what we need to research. As a clinician-scientist that attends to patients regularly, I believe one of the advantages I bring to the lab is that I understand intimately where people affected by cancer are coming from. This allows us to consider what we need to do in order to not only improve outcomes, but enhance quality of life for those facing these diseases. Bringing world-class research into the clinic For example, let’s say we...

A bold new vision for blood cancer treatment

Hello, Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer. My name is Florian Kuchenbauer, and I’m a clinician-scientist at BC Cancer/Vancouver General Hospital. I was recruited this past year from the University Hospital of Ulm in Germany to help find new ways to treat blood cancers – diseases that affect thousands of British Columbians every year. I’m excited to begin this journey of discovery here at BC Cancer – where leading cancer research meets world class cancer treatment. This month on the blog, I’ll be sharing how we plan to improve outcomes for these diseases. First, I’d like to introduce myself and share my...