Dr. Gary Pansegrau
Dr. Gary Pansegrau
Regional Leader, Medical Oncology, BC Cancer Agency Fraser Valley Centre

Dr. Gary Pansegrau is the Regional Leader, Medical Oncology, at the BC Cancer Agency's Fraser Valley Centre 

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Building a Better Patient Experience

As most people know the population in the Fraser Health region, in particular Surrey, is steadily growing. This has provided some wonderful opportunities for residents, but also presents a number of significant challenges for health care delivery in the region. This is not a new problem, indeed the rapid growth of the population and the increasing cancer care needs led to the opening of the Abbotsford Centre eight years ago, along with the new Abbotsford Regional Hospital. Up until that point, people in Abbotsford and the surrounding area needed to travel to Surrey to receive their care at...

It takes a team to deliver great care

I recently accepted the role of Medical Director at the BC Cancer Agency’s Fraser Valley Centre. There are six such Centres across the province, and each now has a Medical Director that works closely with an Operations Director to oversee cancer care. Cancer care is complex and each Centre has many affiliated health care professionals working together—medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pain and symptom management physicians, gynecologic surgical oncologists, dermatologists, oral oncologists (dentists), nurses, pharmacists, counsellors and psychiatrists, nutritionists, clerks,...

Inspired by cancer care

I am the Medical Director at the BC Cancer Agency’s Fraser Valley Centre. We are very excited at the Centre to be working with the BC Cancer Foundation to fundraise for the expansion of our chemotherapy unit. Surrey, and surrounding communities, make up one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, and to be able to serve the cancer patients in our region we need to expand into a larger space. This will allow us to treat more patients. In upcoming posts I will provide more details about the expansion, and why it is needed. I started working as a Medical Oncologist at the Fraser Valley Centre...