Dr. John Spinelli
Principal Investigator, BC Generations Project Head, Cancer Control Research Program, BC Cancer Agency

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The BC Generations Project

When it comes to learning about the causes of disease, the BC Generations Project will be a phenomenal asset. The project will help researchers learn more about how your environment, lifestyle and genes contribute to cancer and chronic diseases. Our project is part of a national initiative (the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow) to collect health information and biological samples from Canadians across the country to support future research studies that will use this massive collection of data. Participating in the study is like filling a time capsule — today’s data will be used many years in...

My research and taking the reins of the BC Generations Project

Statisticians develop new methodology to understand data and in my thesis I developed new methodology to better evaluate cancer risk in epidemiological studies. After I completed my doctorate, I furthered my experience in developing new statistical methodology, worked with more clinicians in a wide variety of research studies and developed my own research program in outcomes after the diagnosis of cardiac disease. In 1999, I was lucky to return to the BC Cancer Agency as a biostatistician and epidemiologist. I quickly returned to my research interests in the environment and cancer. I studied...

About me and my first BC Cancer Agency role

My name is John Spinelli, and I am a research scientist in Cancer Control Research at the BC Cancer Agency. My background is probably quite different than most of the scientists and physicians at the BC Cancer Agency, as I did not study medicine or any of the hard sciences. Instead, I received my training in mathematics and statistics. For me growing up, there were only two seasons: baseball and winter. I spent hours playing little league or wiffle ball in the backyard, or just throwing the ball against the wall of our house (breaking many windows in the process). When I wasn’t outside...