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How targeted drugs can improve colorectal cancer outcomes

In addition to the research I mentioned last week, we are also enrolling patients in clinical trials focused on improving outcomes. For example, we have a trial evaluating targeted drugs for patients with a particular mutation in their colorectal cancer called BRAF V600E. BRAF mutations are noted in five to ten per cent of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancers with this mutation are much more aggressive. Patients with it generally have a poor prognosis. We are part of a large international effort to see if we can develop better treatments for patients with this...

New study: Colorectal cancer cases climbing in young people

I mentioned last week that a number of exciting developments are taking place for colorectal cancer research and care. Our hope is that through these projects, we’ll be able to better understand this disease, with the end goal of improving outcomes for the roughly 4,000 diagnosed every year in British Columbia. Today, I’ll tell you a bit more about these developments. new trial provides deeper insight on treatment plans We recently completed a cross-Canada clinical trial testing immunotherapy for colorectal cancer. Previously, it has been shown that immunotherapy works for the five per cent...

New research underway to improve colorectal cancer outcomes

Hello, My name is Dr. Jonathan Loree. I’m a medical oncologist at BC Cancer, specializing in gastrointestinal cancer treatment and research. It is my first time blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation. This month is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and I’m excited to share with our community the latest advancements in this field. Colorectal cancer remains one of the most common and lethal cancer types in our province, affecting close to 4,000 British Columbians every year. Promising new research now underway is helping us understand the disease and how it develops in different patients. This...