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Chief Pathologist, BC Oral Cancer Prevention Program, BC Cancer Agency

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Dr. Lewei Zhang: My Work at the BC Cancer Agency

As I mentioned in my last post, I came to UBC to teach oral pathology and also to work as an oral pathologist, diagnosing oral diseases. Before I talk specifically about my research, I want to introduce you to the concept of cross-disciplinary research and translational research. There are a lot of smart people in any university. Most great research, however, is conducted by a team with cross-disciplinary specialties, not by a single genius. The problem of doing research by oneself is not only the limitation of knowledge, but also the limitation of thinking only inside a certain ‘box’. A...

From China to B.C.: Dr. Lewei Zhang’s Path to Oral Cancer Research

Hello, my name is Dr. Lewei Zhang – I am Chief Pathologist with the BC Oral Cancer Prevention Program at the BC Cancer Agency. I am pleased to be blogging this month, along with my colleagues. I grew up in communist China– it was a very different China from what exists today. My father was a mathematics professor and my mother was an economics professor, though in the communist culture, academics were considered to be lower on the social hierarchy than workers, peasants or soldiers and called “smelly number 9”. During the Cultural Revolution (1966 -1976), all young people graduated from high...