Dr. Randy Gascoyne
Distinguished Scientist, Hematopathologist and Research Director, Centre for Lymphoid Cancer, BC Cancer Agency

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Instrumental Support: Donors Making a Difference for Lymphoid Cancer Research

The BC Cancer Foundation provides instrumental support to the Gascoyne Laboratory and a number of other researchers within the Centre for Lymphoid Cancer (CLC) program. Donations made by patients and families in B.C. and elsewhere that are targeted towards the CLC allow us to create the infrastructure to maintain the research enterprise. These funds are critical to our sustainability over time - particularly between large-scale projects. These funds backfill any shortfalls in peer-reviewed grant funding that occur. They also provide the seed funding to allow us to generate preliminary data...

The Centre for Lymphoid Cancer: Meaningful Changes for Patients in B.C.

As both a doctor and a scientist, I have a number of responsibilities at the BC Cancer Agency. On the clinical service side I see biopsies from patients with the full spectrum of lymphoid cancers, including both non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) and Hodgkin lymphoma. I share these responsibilities with a small number of similarly dedicated lymphoma pathologists. We see virtually all cases in B.C. as well as large number of complex consults from across Canada. The group at the BC Cancer Agency is considered the premiere lymphoma pathology group in the country. As the Research Director for the Centre...

Dr. Randy Gascoyne: A Career in Lymphoid Cancer Research and Care

Hello! My name is Randy Gascoyne and I am a lymphoma pathologist and clinician scientist at the BC Cancer Agency. I spend roughly 40% of my time doing clinical work and 60% doing research. I am a MD with specialist training in Hematological Pathology, the investigation of disorders of the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes. Early in my career I made the decision to become highly focused, and thus my clinical activities are devoted exclusively to lymphoma pathology, a very narrow part of the discipline of hospital-based Hematological Pathology. I was born on Vancouver Island in a very small...