Dr. Robert Holt
Head of Sequencing, Genome Sciences Centre; Distinguished Scientist, BC Cancer Agency

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Dr. Robert Holt: What Motivates Me

I’m motivated by the success of new cancer treatments that activate a patient’s natural anti-cancer immunity. These positive results are hard won, following more than two decades of intensive research around the world, and unfortunately we don’t see the positive results in all patients. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that when we do research we do not know what will work and what won’t. There are steps forward and back. However, with continued effort on multiple fronts, the factors that underlie successful treatment can be identified and used to inform the development of...

Dr. Robert Holt: Helping Immune Cells Win

Growing up in the lower mainland, I developed the need to figure out how things worked and, if they were broken, how to fix them. The complexities of living systems that derive from the inner workings of cells were the most fascinating and incomprehensible for me, so they were the ultimate challenge. Cellular properties are programmed in DNA, so to understand cells, and to understand living systems, it was necessary to know their genetic code – this is the direction I took. After university (at UBC and U of A), I moved to the USA to join the initial efforts to fully decode human DNA. When...