Dr. Ryna Levy-Milne, BC Cancer
Dr. Ryna Levy Milne
Provincial Director, Therapeutic Oncology Services, BC Cancer

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Controlling Cancer With Diet and Exercise

Currently, the BC Cancer Agency’s therapeutic oncology program conducts research to address lifestyle related issues including nutrition, physical activity and symptom management for people living with cancer. This research is related to rehabilitation, patient safety and risk management from diagnosis through to survivorship and end-of-life. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, ‘over one third of the most common cancers can be prevented through diet, maintaining a healthy weight and taking regular physical activity’. Research and clinical practice suggest that a patient...

My Unexpected Journey to the BC Cancer Agency

It’s been awhile since I reflected on my career path and how I came to be the provincial lead for therapeutic oncology services at the BC Cancer Agency. My current role provides leadership to the registered dietitians and speech language pathologists working at the Agency. This year, we hope to add exercise specialists and physiotherapists to this group. Besides leadership, my role also supports practice in the areas of clinical care, education, community partnerships and research. So where did I begin my professional journey and what are the many roads that I travelled to land here? (I’m...