Dr. Sam Kader
Radiation oncologist and regional medical director, BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre

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Bringing world-class care closer to home

Philanthropy is essential as we continue our endeavours to discover innovative and more effective ways to combat cancer. Much of this is done in increments, rather than in big breakthroughs. With each project that we initiate, we are helping to solve part of a puzzle. And with each puzzle resolved, we add another building block to our understanding of this disease and to our ability to combat it more effectively. Many of the advances cancer patients are benefiting from today have been achieved from, and are based on results of, multi-center and multinational clinical trials, as well as small...

Leading research underway at BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre

As regional medical director of the BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre, I am very eager and motivated to create and maintain a nurturing environment for everyone at this center who desires to engage in knowledge generation, and for those whose mission is to advance research in all its stages and forms. I believe it is critically important that we maintain and grow the necessary infrastructure and the capacity to support every potential research project for the good of our patients and the benefit of future generations. These pursuits range from laboratory to clinical research, and from...

My journey to the BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre

Hello, My name is Sam Kader and I’m excited to be blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation leading up to Jingle Mingle on November 30, proceeds from which will help advance research and enhance care at the BC Cancer, Vancouver Island Centre. My father was a high school biology teacher. He instilled in me a strong interest in science. When I was growing up, and was quite young then, perhaps about 12, I accidentally came across some of his textbooks and that got me interested in pursuing the field. That led me to medical school in Cairo, and years later, into internal medicine and oncology in...