Dr. Sophie Sun and Dr. Intan Schrader
Dr. Sophie Sun and Dr. Intan Schrader

Dr. Sophie Sun and Dr. Intan Schrader are co-directors of the BC Cancer Agency's Hereditary Cancer Program. Dr. Sun’s research interests include cancer genetics, onco-genomics, and clinical trials, with a focus on breast and lung cancer. Dr. Schrader’s research interests include the molecular detection of known and novel cancer susceptibility, germline findings and tumour sequencing, familial pancreatic cancer, and hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. 

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Looking to the past for cancer clues

The Hereditary Cancer Program’s mandate is to reduce cancer incidence, mortality, and to improve quality of life for individuals and families with hereditary cancer. We offer genetic counselling and genetic testing services to patients and families from B.C. and the Yukon. We identify those at risk of a hereditary cancer and provide cancer screening and prevention advice and education to individuals, families, and health care professionals. Individuals and families can be referred by their health care providers or they can self-refer if they meet criteria. Most cancers are not inherited, but...

Love what you do and it doesn't feel like work

My name is Intan Schrader and I am co-medical director of the Hereditary Cancer Program with Sophie Sun. I am a medical geneticist, specializing in cancer genetics. It was during medical school that I took a serious interest in cancer genetics. After receiving my medical degree from the University of Melbourne, I completed my residency in Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia. During that time, I chose to extend my training to pursue my interest in studying hereditary cancer. I was fortunate to be accepted into the lab of Dr. David Huntsman, where I investigated the...

First "clinical trial" in Grade 6 for this doctor

I am a medical oncologist and co-medical director of the Hereditary Cancer Program, with Intan Schrader. I grew up in Toronto, and first became interested in science in grade six. For my science project that year, I bought samples of acne cream and asked some older (pimply) kids to use and rate the effectiveness of the creams. In retrospect, this was my first randomized phase 2 clinical trial! I studied genetics at McGill University for six years. There, I became interested in cancer genetics during my graduate studies with Dr. Steven Narod, a co-discoverer of the first hereditary breast...