Progress to date

BC Cancer’s Centre for Lymphoid Cancer (CLC) is a world leader in lymphoid cancer research. Co-Directors Dr. Joseph Connors and Dr. Randy Gascoyne are making significant progress on two priority projects:

  • Using B.C. as a real world laboratory for creating a cost-effective, genomically-based model of care for all lymphoid cancer patients. In two short years, more than 300 patients have been enrolled.
  • Discovering the causes of treatment failure in Follicular Lymphoma (FL) and Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL). This year, researchers proved that FL patients at highest risk for treatment failure share gene mutations that can be identified at the time of diagnosis. With this knowledge, it will be possible to stratify patients for the most effective treatment strategies, at the start of their cancer journey.

BC Cancer Foundation Funding

The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to continuing to fund these important research initiatives. Support from donors will ensure breakthrough discoveries move quickly from the scientist’s lab into the clinic, to improve the standard of care for lymphoid cancer patients across the province. 

To learn more or to make a donation to support Lymphoid Cancer research, contact:

Laura Ralph
Director, Principal Gifts


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