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In Your Neighbourhood

Look out for BC Cancer Foundation canvassers at your door!

BC Cancer Foundation door-to-door fundraising

You may have BC Cancer Foundation canvassers come to your doorstep to talk to you about becoming a monthly donor.

Monthly giving is a powerful way to support cancer research and care. Your monthly donations provide stable and predictable funding to support ongoing, life-saving cancer research projects.

Please consider joining our Monthly Donor community today. Your support will make a tremendous difference in the lives of British Columbians.

1. Why does the BC Cancer Foundation do door-to-door fundraising?

Door-to-door fundraising is one of the most effective and personal ways we can reach out to donors. One in two British Columbians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime  – but thanks to increased awareness and generous support from caring donors, the BC Cancer Foundation can fund research that enhances cancer care and improves outcomes for British Columbians and beyond.

2. How do I know if a fundraiser is from the BC Cancer Foundation?

All BC Cancer Foundation fundraisers have identification badges (as seen below). They can also process your donation electronically on a tablet and will call a third-party-verification center at 1-866-478-0676.

3. Do you accept cash gifts?

No, we do not accept cash or coin gifts at the door.  This helps protect both the donor and fundraiser.  If you wish to make a monthly gift, our fundraisers will accept debit and credit card payments. You may also choose to make your gift online.

4. Is it safe to give personal and financial information to the fundraisers?

Yes, we use tablets with encrypted software to collect payment information in a secure way. All the data we collect is immediately uploaded to our remote servers, processed and then completely removed from the tablet. Once processed, your financial data is further encrypted according to Payment Compliance Industry (PCI) Standards.

5. Will you protect my privacy?

Yes. The BC Cancer Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information and adheres to legislated privacy requirements. Any personal information we collect is used for donor-related and tax-receipting purposes, or to keep you informed about our activities and other mission-related communications. We do not sell, trade or rent out any names or personal information. Vie our full privacy statement here.

6. I have signed up, but how do I know I am a monthly donor?

Thank you for joining us as a monthly donor. You will receive an email confirmation immediately, and a phone call to welcome you within one week. If you haven’t received any of the above please call us at 1-866-478-0676.

7. What if I want to cancel or change my giving?

You can cancel your monthly gifts at any time by calling our toll free number 1-866-478-0676 or email bccfinfo@bccancer.bc.ca  You can also reduce or increase your donation amount or change your gift schedule simply by calling or emailing us.

8. When and how will I receive my tax receipt?

You will receive a consolidated tax-receipt for all your donations in a specific year at the beginning of the following year to the address that you have provided.