$4.2 Million Raised by BC Cancer Foundation Donors to Launch Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

October 23, 2015

Hello everyone, I’d like to briefly interrupt our October bloggers to share some very exciting news!

Last night, BC Cancer Foundation donors came together at the 11th annual Inspiration Gala and it was announced that $4.2 million had been raised to launch immunotherapy clinical trials at the BC Cancer Agency.

This remarkable display of philanthropy was made possible through the contributions of more than 5,000 British Columbians who responded to a dollar-for-dollar match offer of up to $1 million gift from the Robert L. Conconi Foundation, and the tremendous generosity of Inspiration Gala supporters in attendance last night.

All this month you’ve been hearing from the immunotherapy clinical trials team on the blog – the $4.2 million raised will enable these scientists and clinicians to launch clinical trials featuring patient-specific T cell-based therapies, a promising new treatment option for cancer.

On behalf of the BC Cancer Foundation, thank you to all our supporters across the province! To read more about the Inspiration Gala and immunotherapy clinical trials, please visit our News & Announcements page.

And now, back to the immunotherapy clinical trials team!