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BC Cancer: a world-leading centre for lymphoid cancer research

January 20, 2018

With this blog I would like to describe my early years at BC Cancer. This was a time of rapid evolution for BC Cancer and one during which my career as a lymphoid cancer researcher blossomed.

I arrived in Vancouver in 1981, straight out of my medical oncology fellowship at Stanford University, eager to apply the skills and knowledge I had gained there. Stanford was already known internationally for the progress it had brought to lymphoma treatment, especially Hodgkin lymphoma.

 That skillset equipped me to work with Dr Paul Klimo to begin a career focused on lymphoma, lymphocytic leukemia and myeloma.

Together, through the 1980s, we developed new chemotherapy approaches to non-Hodgkin lymphoma, started building a now world-renowned lymphoid cancer database that has grown to include detailed laboratory and clinical information for more than 40,000 patients and established BC Cancer as one of the five or six preeminent lymphoid cancer research centers in the world.

Next week, I’ll discuss my recent work developing new treatments for this disease.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Connors