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BC Cancer and BC Cancer Foundation strengthen partnership to break down cancer

November 15, 2017

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Today, the BC Cancer Agency, in partnership with the BC Cancer Foundation, announced a bold new identity.

Together, we’ve aligned and refreshed our identity, which comes with a new look, reflective of our belief that BC CAN prevent more cancers, BC CAN do world-leading research and BC CAN advance novel therapies.

The BC Cancer Agency has simplified its name to BC Cancer, reflecting a province-wide mandate of cancer care and research. The renewed identity embodies the shared vision of both organizations to change outcomes for British Columbians impacted by this disease. Our wordmark literally breaks down cancer, highlighting the word “can” within cancer as an expression of the progress happening each day in BC Cancer labs where scientists are breaking the disease down to identify new prevention, diagnostic and targeted treatment strategies.



The Foundation is proud to launch a new awareness campaign featuring doctors and researchers at BC Cancer who are working to break down cancer each day.

By revitalizing and aligning the partnership between both organizations, BC CAN change outcomes for British Columbians facing cancer.