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BC Cancer Foundation Supporting BC Cancer Agency Leadership in Care + Research

November 27, 2014

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VANCOUVER, B.C. – The BC Cancer Foundation has provided over $172 million donor dollars to our sole-partner, the BC Cancer Agency in the past ten years to accelerate cancer research and enhancements to patient care. By providing our partner with the leadership, expertise and tools needed to ensure British Columbians benefit from the world’s best cancer care.

Two years ago, the Foundation was asked to help recruit a visionary leader with clinical, research and health management expertise to lead the BC Cancer Agency. This role ensures that British Columbians have access to the latest, most advanced cancer care, which is ever-improving thanks to breakthrough research happening right here in BC. The board-approved commitment of $75,000 per year from the BC Cancer Foundation was made over the two years that Dr. Max Coppes was in the role, and it has been confirmed by the PHSA that a request of this nature will not be made of the BC Cancer Foundation moving forward.

The Foundation’s mandate to support cancer research and enhancements to patient care, takes many forms, including an investment in people who are excellent leaders in both care and research—our most valuable resources in the quest to conquer cancer. Through the generosity of our donors, the Foundation ensures researchers and clinicians have the tools they need, spanning: leadership, research personnel, PET/CT scanners, cutting-edge lung cancer detection tools, and genomic sequencing capacity. The benefits of Foundation support are evidenced by the number of important publications in highly-esteemed medical and scientific journals and clinical practice advancements that influence cancer care in B.C. and beyond our borders. 

Governance and transparency are critical in the charitable industry, and the BC Cancer Foundation, was recently awarded Best Overall Corporate Governance at the second annual Excellence in Governance Awards (EGs) through the Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries (CSCS) and has achieved accreditation under Imagine Canada’s national Standards Program.

Over 115,000 BC Cancer Foundation donors are making a difference in cancer care for patients entering the clinic today and those who will hear the words “you have cancer” tomorrow.  The Foundation is committed to ensuring donors know where their dollars are invested and the impact they have in pushing cancer research to the next level.


For more information or to arrange an interview with Douglas Nelson, President & CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation, please contact:

Allison Colina, Communications Manager
BC Cancer Foundation
t. 604.707.5934
e. allison.colina@bccancer.bc.ca

The BC Cancer Foundation is the bridge that connects philanthropic support and research breakthroughs in cancer knowledge.  As the fundraising partner of the BC Cancer Agency and the largest funder of cancer research in this province, we enable donors to make contributions to leading-edge research that has a direct impact on improvements to cancer care for patients in British Columbia. We fund with the goal of finding solutions. Visit www.bccancerfoundation.com to make a donation or to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.


“Right now, through active clinical and translational research supported by the BC Cancer Foundation, we are working to improve treatment strategies for patients with the most aggressive and difficult to treat forms of prostate cancer. This work is truly life-enhancing and has already had and will have significant benefits for patients. With the funding provided by the Foundation, we have leveraged significant grant support which has allowed for even more treatment options for our patients in BC and efforts to personalize cancer treatment,” Dr. Kim N. Chi, Chair, GU Tumour Group and Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency

“I feel that I have the greatest job possible in that I am able to dedicate myself to reducing lives-lost and suffering from cancer through the acquisition of new knowledge. I work within a constellation of star researchers who provide the complimentary expertise necessary for research success and this would not be possible without the efforts of the BC Cancer Foundation and the wonderful people who donate money, which we are able to leverage many times over.  The BC Cancer Foundation has built this environment and enabled my team to lead the world in redefining ovarian cancer as a problem and setting forth new strategies to prevent and treat it,” Dr. David Huntsman, Director of OVCARE

“The work of the BC Cancer Foundation has been instrumental in the development of Pancreas Centre BC. With their support BC has been transformed from a province with a paucity of research in pancreatic cancer to becoming a national leader in pancreatic cancer, in two short years. BC Cancer Foundation donor support was vital in generating and maintaining the momentum and hope that we will soon make major progress in battling this deadly disease. We endeavor to make major improvements for patients with this disease,” Dr. Daniel Renouf, Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency

“The BC Cancer Foundation funds essential research throughout the province that allows us to uniquely link care with research. Our goals are to improve the outcomes of patients with cancer by understanding the unique features of each individual’s disease and to learn how to provide care specifically for that person. We need to invest in new technologies and treatments to be delivered in a timely fashion to continue to further improve the survival  of persons with cancer across our province.  The Foundation understands  the need to do this now, and to not just fund basic science but to partner with scientists and clinicians to expedite new discoveries that will help people as soon as possible,” Dr. Karen Gelmon, Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency