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Cancer Control Research: Finding Solutions for the Challenges Ahead

March 30, 2015

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some important research with some great people and I’ve been part of projects that have reallocated large amounts of health funds to the most disadvantaged people in the community. I’ve worked on projects that have improved access to effective cancer drugs and new and effective screening modalities. And, I’ve worked on getting fairer health care for the population. But these have always been team efforts. One cannot say enough that cancer control is complex and needs teams of researchers and health professionals.

There are many challenges ahead. With an aging population and rising costs there are important social questions we as a community must address. How do we get the scientific evidence we need on new medical advances? How do we get the best new, effective advances to those who need them most? How do we get the right programs and services to people who have not had good access in the past? And, how do we do better at preventing cancer before it even occurs? The BC Cancer Agency and researchers and health professionals across the province are some of Canada’s very best and even small amounts of funding can make a difference.

Thanks very much for reading my blog posts this month!