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Celebrating a Milestone and Introducing June Guest Blogger Dr. Marcel Bally

June 2, 2015

Hi everyone,

Before I introduce our guest blogger for June, some exciting news: this month, the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre (CRC) celebrates its 10th anniversary, a remarkable milestone in the history of cancer research and enhancements to care in B.C.

Over the past decade, the CRC has truly become a powerhouse fixture in cancer research on a global scale. Within its walls, researchers have expanded the global understanding of cancer and uncovered avenues for improved cancer care across B.C. and beyond.

Thanks to the generosity of BC Cancer Foundation donors who supported the Millennium Campaign to build the CRC, more and more British Columbians are able to say three important words: “I’m still here.” I invite you to read more about the incredible accomplishments from the CRC over the past decade.


We are very pleased to welcome Distinguished Scientist Dr. Marcel Bally as our guest blogger for June. As head of the department of Experimental Therapeutics at the CRC, Dr. Bally’s important work focuses on developing improved protocols for the treatment of cancer, minimizing toxicity and assessing the effectiveness of new drug combinations. I hope you will join me in following Dr. Bally’s blog posts this month.

Thanks for reading,