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Dr. Brad Nelson: Looking Ahead

March 27, 2013

I hope by now I’ve helped you understand my passion behind cancer research and why I am so excited about the future of immunotherapy research and treatment in British Columbia. There is currently a lot of excitement about “immune modulators,” agents that ramp up the immune system. These agents are just emerging from clinical trials and I predict they will become commonplace in a few years. By “turning up the volume” on the immune system, immune modulators alone will have a strong impact on certain types of cancer.

Our vision is to further focus the immune response using personalized vaccines that teach the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells based on the mutations they carry. There’s no question that immunotherapy is on track to becoming an entirely new type of tool in the oncologist’s tool box, and I’m excited to be part of this revolution.

Thanks for letting me share what I love about my job at the BC Cancer Agency.