Dr. Huntsman looking to the future of OVCARE – an internationally recognized entity

August 29, 2011

Found in General

Our first five-year plan for the Ovarian Cancer Research program (OVCARE) is nearly complete. During these first five years, OVCARE has grown from an idea into an internationally recognized team. We have exceeded all of our expectations of the program’s success. I believe this is because of the collaborative spirit that exists within our team and the firm partnership we have established with our patients and the BC Cancer Foundation.

We have a new five-year plan now that enables OVCARE to increase the scope of our discoveries and bring our discoveries into the clinic – to improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer or those who are at risk. Moving forward, our plan includes the reconstitution of the research resources that made us successful to begin with, such as our tumour bank, the Cheryl Brown Outcomes Unit and the development of new research cores in genomics, clinical trials and knowledge transfer.

In addition to these resources, we also initiate unique research projects, one of which is being supported by the BC Cancer Foundation. This project will use state-of-the-art genomic technologies to decode clear cell carcinomas of the ovary. This seven-year initiative will include a plan to develop new drugs and clinical trials based on our discovery. We believe that this will not only be a successful endeavour, but it will become a prototype for future genomics projects for ovarian and other cancers.

It has been an extraordinary journey for the OVCARE team to date, and we look forward to working with patients, their families, and their friends to ensure that ovarian cancer becomes both a rarer disease through increased prevention and early detection and one with much better outcomes through the use of improved treatments.

Thank you for reading,