A Few Final Thoughts

July 27, 2012

A few final thoughts as I wrap up an enjoyable month of blogging . . . as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, the strength in OVCARE begins with the generous nature of the team. I work with positive colleagues, and we’ve found that this is a recipe for success, and also encourages young people to get involved and consider a career in science.

What I am perhaps most proud of in my twenty years at the BC Cancer Agency is seeing the amazing talent among our up and coming junior colleagues —they’re really going to do some spectacular things in the years to come!

I’m currently working with a young clinician scientist, Jessica McAlpine, and she is definitely going to be leading the way in the future. I’m proud to have mentored her and her colleagues to ensure the clinical academic program continues to move forward. I really believe we have the best program in the country (but I’m a bit biased!) So stay tuned for more good news.

Thanks so much for reading!