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A Few Thoughts from Patients

December 22, 2016

Hello, it’s Paula here again! Since I last wrote, I asked a few patients to contribute to the blog and share their thoughts about Patient and Family Counselling at the BC Cancer Agency:

When cancer comes calling and your life is falling into more pieces than Humpty Dumpty, Patient and Family Counselling is there to help get you back up on that wall. I spent many an hour learning how to grieve the old, deal with the new and carry on with the unknown over my time with them.

The Doctors and staff have your health issues in their capable hands, but Patient and          Family Counselling helps you to deal with the everyday practicalities and emotional            issues that often stay with you long after treatment is done. I would recommend to anyone  who is going through cancer treatment that they pay a visit to the 5th floor and get to know the wonderful people who make up Patient and Family Counselling.”  


“I am very grateful that I was able to access Patient and Family Counselling services         during my 18 months of treatment. My counsellor and the programs helped me so much   in helping to manage my anxiety and depressive episodes. I learned I can’t do this on my   own. There is no magic number of “support people” but it helps to know you have a     community you belong to that carries you when you are worried, sad, scared or  grieving.” 

Many people always ask me: “How do you manage to do this work? It must be so hard to see the impact of cancer every day.” It is. My biggest hope is that we cure cancer; that not another person or family member or friend will need to go through these difficult situations. But until then, we will find ways to support people, to walk with them through this, to provide information, skills and opportunities to live and enjoy moments of life. We continue to look for more ways to do this by listening to the changing needs and wants of our patients. We continue to create supports and programs that are proven through research as effective. And we acknowledge and appreciate the ways you, our BC Cancer Foundation donors, and our communities work with us to do this important work.   

Thank you for reading our blog this month,