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Final Thoughts on the Future of Pancreatic Cancer Research

April 30, 2015

At Pancreas Cancer BC, we are very interested in understanding what cellular and molecular changes initially lead to cancerous changes, and also how the environment surrounding the cancer cell interacts to cause the cancer to evade our bodies’ defence systems.

As I mentioned last week, improved technology and our ability to decode cancer DNA enables us to make major strides in our understanding of how pancreatic cancer develops. Hopefully this will lead to better ways to detect the cancer at an early stage.

Pancreatic cancer remains a very challenging cancer, but I’m optimistic that advancements in research are bringing us close to improving how we detect and treat this disease.

The BC Cancer Foundation is a very strong supporter of pancreatic cancer research. One of the major initiatives to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research is the Cypress Challenge, an amazing event where riders of all skill levels ride up Cypress Mountain in support of Pancreas Centre BC. This event has grown yearly and we hope 2015 will be the biggest event yet – please consider joining as an individual or team!

Thanks again for reading,