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Future Endeavors for Cancer Research in British Columbia

December 24, 2013

Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed sharing some of my research endeavors with you. My colleagues and I hope that our work today will translate into meaningful benefits for our patients tomorrow. It is exciting to collaborate with so many motivated and gifted researchers who are all working towards creating better outcomes for cancer patients.

From cancer prevention, to the study of rare cancers, and all the way to harnessing the power of the immune system to control cancer, there are multiple facets to the research program at the BC Cancer Agency that make it very comprehensive.

Moving forward, we have many more exciting projects being developed. We hope to build an improved provincial immuno-oncology program led by my colleagues at the Deeley Research Centre in Victoria. One of the ongoing projects of the OvCaRe group is to collect as much tumour material and blood samples from our patients as possible. These samples will be utilized for future research projects by our group and by collaborators around the world to help answer many important questions about the benefits of cancer treatments for individuals.

The next 10 years will be dynamic. Canada has already spearheaded ovarian cancer prevention by implementing a program for fallopian tube removal. The results of this initiative, first proposed by our group in B.C., will mature in 10 years time and likely transform our approach to ovarian cancer prevention for all women. Thanks to the work of my colleagues at OvCaRe we now understand ovarian cancers better than ever before. Many exciting clinical trials are now open, which we hope will help define the best treatment options for this complex disease.

With the holidays upon us, I would like to wish all of you the very best for the season and the year ahead. Please ask me, or any of my colleagues at the BC Cancer Agency, about the interesting projects we are involved with and how you can contribute.

Health and happiness to all,